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décembre 2015 modifié dans Nos experts vous répondent
I'm an Asian woman living in France at Present.
I would like to if it is necessary to come back after one month if I under take the insemination? For, I will be leaving on the 6th of January back to my country in Asia. The second question is how much does it cost?
Thanking you in advance for your kind response.
All the best,


  • Dear Caty,
    Thank you for contacting us to clear up your doubts and concerns.
    The date on which an artificial insemination treatment is carried out depends mainly on the date of your period as the ovarian stimulation treatment starts from then.
    For your information, the first step is to arrange a first appointment with a doctor for which there is no waiting list. During this visit, the doctor will confirm whether this treatment is right for your situation and will also request that you do some medical tests that can either be performed at your place of residence and you bring the results with you or, for your convenience, you could do them on the day of your first visit here in our clinic to avoid any sort of wait.
    The other alternative would be to do the first visit by videoconference (Skype).
    Once the doctor gave his approval to start the treatment, it would be necessary to wait for your next period, and about 10-15 days later the artificial insemination would take place in our clinic.
    We hope that with this information you can get a better idea of what dates the treatment could be carried out and so be able to organize your trip back home.
    However, we recommend that you contact our patient care team so that they can explain your treatment in detail. We would like to take this opportunity to inform you that our patient care team can assist you in your preferred language (English, French, Chinese or Japanese). You just need to tell us when you contact us: https://www.eugin.co.uk/ivf-clinic/contact-us/

    In the meantime, we are pleased to provide two links to our website so you can see all the information about this treatment. As you can see, we have indicated two different pages as the price depends on whether or not it is necessary to resort to donor sperm. The information regarding price is located at the bottom of the website (prices section):

    We look forward to attending to you personally very soon and to helping you achieve a pregnancy. Meanwhile, we will continue to be at your disposal to answer any other questions you may have.

    Warm regards from the eugin team
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